Flux-Interactive Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy URL for Instagram

2. If your website or app connects to Instagram’s API, you need to adhere to the Instagram Platform Privacy Policy (1). The API will allow users to connect their accounts with you to their Instagram accounts to upload and share their photographs. (1) Link to https://www.instagram.com/about/legal/terms/api/

3. Integrating the Instagram API is quick, easy and good for business if your website or app is centered around user-generated photography such as a camera app or photo storage website. However, you must update your Privacy Policy (2) to reflect your use of the API. (2) Link to https://termsfeed.com/privacy-policy/generator/

4. Section 8 of Instagram’s Platform Policy requires that you have a publicly accessible privacy policy that tells people what information you collect and how you will use this information.

5. How to Make your Privacy Policy Meet Instagram’s Requirements

6. 1. Publicly Accessible Your Privacy Policy must be accessible to members of the public, regardless of whether they have an account with you or not. To do this, Privacy Policy links can be included in app store listings and on your general website, typically in the footer.

7. 2. Collection of Information Your Privacy Policy must let users know what information you’re collecting, such as information users submit, information from third parties, etc.

8. 3. Use of Information Your Privacy Policy must let users know how you will be using their personal information, such as to communicate with them, verify identity, enhance website/app security, etc.

9. Examples of Privacy Policies that Meet Instagram’s Requirements

10. Lightwidget’s Privacy Policy includes a general section about its collection of personal data.

11. In addition, it also has a section that deals specifically with information collected through the Instagram API such as API token data, photo information and hashtags.

12. You don’t need to include a separate section in your Privacy Policy for Instagram data, although it’s a nice touch to add clarity for your users.

13. If you use the Instagram API, make sure your publicly accessible Privacy Policy lets users know: What personal information you collect, and How you use this personal information This will keep you compliant with Instagram’s Platform Policy.